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Our global community connects experts in workplace performance with business leaders faced with their most difficult workplace challenges. Whether recruiting, motivating, and retaining top talent or conducting research to build your brand, we have experts who can help!  By rapidly expanding both virtually and into physical locations around the world, we are helping leaders in every industry connect to the resources they need to succeed.

Leadership & Self-Awareness

We believe that the best leaders are the right combination of 4 pillars: experience, personal skills, psychology, and coaching. Our executive consultants will help you identify, assess, and develop your leaders to help them transform and thrive at all levels.

Strategic Planning

Our ever-expanding network of I-O certified IVY consultants spans the world with unparalleled backgrounds and expertise, making our customized teams agile yet wise, to guide organizational strategies, as companies grow and evolve.

Assessments & Selection

Ivy professionals can help you evaluate your existing assessment measures for their validity within your unique setting, or develop custom solutions to help you place the right person in the right position – maximizing productivity while enhancing employee and organizational well-being.

Staff Development & Team Building

High-performing teams are built through culture, regardless of proximity and job titles. ICG’s Industrial-Organizational consultants are unique in the field in that they combine their knowledge of psychological principles of interpersonal and group dynamics, to help people form alliances, trust, mutual existential values, and joy in their work-life relationships.

Training & Coaching

Organizations that don’t have robust and relevant training and impeccable coaching will fall behind their competitors and eventually out of the market. Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, our team will help you design and deliver training content based on our continually updated best training, educational, and coaching practices.

Market Research & Branding

Utilizing our tool kit of research methodologies, we will design and implement the right strategies to measure the right criterion for goal-driven results both within teams and between teams and customers.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Ivy Consultants help organizations leverage DE&I initiatives in ways that drive business outcomes while improving worker satisfaction and team productivity.

Motivation & Engagement

Happy workers who are committed to their organization’s mission, receive consistent and operationalized feedback, and believe deeply in the value of what they do can dramatically improve corporate profitability. Understanding what drives your team is at the heart of what IVY consultants do.

Performance & Culture

We understand human behavior. By leveraging our data-driven solutions with proven research methodologies, our team will design incentive plans designed to connect, motivate, and inspire every level of your organization.

Balance & Wellbeing

I-O professionals are unique among HR-certified and MBA professionals, who have minimal training in understanding the psychology of human behavior, the psychosocial components that inform assessment, engagement, and performance, as well as the physical, psychological, and subsequent occupational health of employees.

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The ICG platform is a member network of contract consultants, coaches, and researchers, who share ideas, network, and offer affordable solutions to almost any business, system, or team-related issue.

Using scientifically-backed methodologies and proven business systems, our members contribute incredible content to our proprietary Business Building Course, which is free to our business partners. This course is just one of many complimentary tools our members utilize to find the answers they need to solve their most frustrating problems.  


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Our consultant and coach members pay a small membership fee to participate in our programs. This website is a way for them to demonstrate their expertise by offering you incredible content. 

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For business partners who need extra support, an expert is there to help you every step of the way! The point is, as a business owner and member of our network, you decide if and when you hire a contractor. 

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Unlock the power of a global community.

Our community brings together experts in workplace performance with business owners from all around the world. Get access to a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips. With Ivy, you can unlock the power of a global community to solve your most frustrating problems and take your business to new heights.

Precision Coaching

Complex problems require expert analysis and support. Rather than hiring one business coach or consultant for all of your workplace issues, Ivy’s Precision Matching tool allows you to find the right coach at precisely the right time. This focused approach allows us to get to the root of your problem quicker, often generating improved results in just a few coaching sessions.

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What People are Saying About Our Coaches Reviews from small business owners just like you!

La-Tanya Bynum
La-Tanya BynumPreparing to Serve Better
Read More
Jeffrey is an amazing and humble man. He is a genius with regards to helping me understand where I can best serve the insurance industry. He immediately helped me realize where my strengths can add value and provided guidance with the steps to take in order to instantly maximize my exposure so I can scale my business. I am working toward making the changes based on his guidance, instructions and directions. His coaching method is refreshing, genuine and comprehensive. The value far exceed the price paid. If you are in the insurance industry and are looking for a top notch coaching company to work with, Jeffrey L. Hastings and Ivy Consulting Group is who you want to contact.
Yass McNeil
Yass McNeilPartner at McNeil Law Group
Read More
I have known Heather for many years, and have worked with her in number of different capacities. She is intelligent, hardworking, incredibly astute, and disciplined. She has an amazing eye and mind for detail; nothing goes by unnoticed. She is a quick learner, a good teacher, and easy to work with. She manages her staff and clients with dignity and respect, yet expects excellence, and flawless performance from herself and her team. I have always enjoyed working with Heather, and look forward to more opportunities to work with her.
Randall Leiker
Randall LeikerSales & Marketing Leadership
Read More
Paul is a tremendous coach and leader. He works hard to understand the motivation of the individuals he works with and designs a game plan to make them successful. He leads by example and strives to find the positive in every situation, looking at challenges as an opportunity to excel. Not only was he a President's Council District Manager, he was a peer leader and key resource for me during my time at Farmers.
Cole Martin
Cole MartinD3 Insurance Agency
Read More
I had the privilege of speaking with Jeff recently and I was just blown away! The amount of time he took listening to me and finding out who I am and what makes me tick was really impressive. He really believes in helping people, not just helping people grow professionally. Finding out the why behind why someone does something speaks to his emotional intelligence and ability and true desire to make a difference in the life of the person to whom he is speaking. As I told him, I would 1000% recommend working with Jeff!
Billy Nerenberg
Billy NerenbergCEO at Cayuse Holdings
Read More
I went to school with Jeff at Harvard for a Master's Degree in Industrial Psychology. Very sharp mind with great insights into how people truly function. Very driven while remaining able to work at different speeds depending on who he's working with. Highly recommended.
John Clark
John ClarkSamaritan Health Ministries
Read More
When one reads the history of Jeff's work experience it is extremely impressive, yet this is not what truly sets Jeff apart from other Business Coaches in the world. What truly sets Jeff apart from others is his personal story and his journey to where he is today. Having been one of the most successful District Managers with Farmers Insurance to only lose what is really important, family, faith and health, Jeff has now taken a hard look at this and turn his business upside down putting Faith, Family and Heath at the forefront of his business. Jeff's book, My Most Successful Failure, is a must read for anyone whether in business or a person climbing the corporate ladder if having it all is important to you. Jeff now passionately coaches others on how to have it all. John M. Clark Client of Jeff
Jason Jimenez
Jason JimenezRedstone Business Holdings - Insurance
Read More
Jeff has been one of those men in my life that absolutely transformed the direction on this earth. He is an incredible person, father, husband, and servant leader. I will always be grateful to him in allowing me to take on my journey 20years ago. He has been a mentor, friend, and absolutely someone that holds the qualities that any person would want. These are just a few reasons why I would recommend Jeff. Thank you for what you did for me 20years ago when I was 20years of age.
John Muscolino
John MuscolinoCEO, Steller National Life Insurance Company
Read More
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Paul during my tenure in Arizona with Farmers Insurance Group. There is no one more committed to achieving and exceeding the bottom-line results without sacrificing his integrity. He is a team oriented individual who cares enough about his own team to help them achieve goals regardless of the challenge.
Menna Saleh
Menna SalehUser Experience Researcher
Read More
Jeffrey is a natural born leader. I studied with him at the Harvard Extension School and I credit most of my success in the course to his help. He generously helped all of his colleagues with the course material, he would often provide summaries and answer questions as well as meet with those who struggled. Jeffrey is very organized and tailors his delivery according to the student level and comprehension. The approachable atmosphere he created allowed for students to deliberate freely and feel safe asking simple questions. On a more personal note, he also managed to reassure my fears during the semester which boosted my confidence resulting in a favorable outcome. I definitely see Jeff in a teaching and mentoring position for both his patience and high awareness of the audience will prove invaluable.
Bob Glass
Bob GlassManaging Director at Mariner Wealth Advisors
Read More
The genius of Jeff's teaching ability stems from the fact that he talks with you, rather than at you. He took the time to find out about my own interests in order to create personal analogies to help me solve complex problems. I can't even remember the last time a teacher took that kind of care to find out how I learn. I met Jeff while attending Harvard with him and my only regret is that I didn't meet him sooner.
Ulrich DelaFuente
Ulrich DelaFuenteBusiness Insurance - TWFG
Read More
Jeff is a consummate professional! His passion for what he does and contribute to the insurance industry in general is immeasurable. If everyone shared the same enthusiasm and fervor for accomplishing great things with agents, clients, and company individuals alike that Jeff does, the entire industry would be something different than what it is today! I highly recommend them for any sort of professional position within the insurance industry as he has much left to contribute and provide others in his journey!
Don Crabtree
Don CrabtreeInsurance Sales & Operations Leader
Read More
Jeff is always someone I look to for great insights and ideas. He first listens, then guides my team and I through his mentoring and coaching skills. Offering support during my start-up phase was not only helpful but saved me money due to the planning and attention to detail he offered. Being a business owner has its challenges, but having Jeff as a partner will help create a winning environment. Thank you, Jeff, for all yo do.
Andres Palma
Andres PalmaPC Woodlands Insurance Co
Read More
Jeff is very detail-oriented offering always the best advice as a District Manager, Coach, Mentor and Friend. If you need his help or from his Staff to be coach and be successful go to his webpage.
Ella Ritchie
Ella RitchiePublisher and Marketing Consultant
Read More
Jeff is a visionary who sees possibilities and turns them into reality. His enthusiasm for other people and their ideas is contagious -- you can't help but want to join in the fun. As president of Chart House Press, he bypasses the red tape of the publishing industry and gets projects done quickly.
Amy Bell
Amy BellSenior Copywriter at Microsoft
Read More
I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff on a number of different publishing projects over the past couple of years. Not only is Jeff a leading expert in the insurance industry, but he is also a true innovator in the publishing world. I look forward to working with him again in his new role as President of ICG!
Karen Hansen
Karen HansenFreelance Editor
Read More
I have been associated with Jeff professionally for over 20 years, and have worked especially closely with him for the past year. Jeff cares deeply about helping others to succeed, and will put in long hours to support others on their journey to success. His enthusiasm inspires me, and I highly recommend him to anyone considering using his services.
Kimberly Kinkaid
Kimberly KinkaidAgent Trainer TWFG Insurance
Read More
Jeff is a true entrepreneur who cares about people. He works because he loves to assist others and network. His ideas are designed to improve your business life which in turn allows you to follow your own dreams. He is a wonderful person who does what he says. If you spend enough time with him, your life will improve. I highly recommend anyone who needs coaching, publishing and/or printing uses Jeff's companies.
Lindsey Johnston-Robbins
Lindsey Johnston-RobbinsAgency Producer at Farmers Insurance
Read More
This man has an amazing capability to inspire everyone he meets! Learned so much from him in the short time I had with him.
Craig Christianson
Craig ChristiansonInsurance Broker & Agency Owner
Read More
Jeff is not only a great and reliable perfectionist but also an inspiring strategist. Jeff is also one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Farmers Insurance as a District Manager. He has been my mentor if he knows it or not, for years with expertise and knowledge. The effect is staggering on how it’s helped me. I am notorious for being the charismatic leader in my district and I attribute much of that from a simple teaching of his. I would recommend Jeff very highly if you are given the opportunity in becoming one of his agents
Claude Atam, MDRT
Claude Atam, MDRTFinancial Land Insurance Services
Read More
Jeff is one of the a great and reliable perfectionist but also an inspiring strategist and great mentor also talking with Jeff personally I've found him to be as sincere as he is knowledgeable. I personally read all his books, GOD BLESS YOU JEFF
Mary-Jo Hayek Krajekian
Mary-Jo Hayek KrajekianIndependent Marketing and Advertising Professional
Read More
I met Jeff at Harvard. We took classes together . He was a great team player and leader. He is extremely positive and motivating. We all enjoyed working with him. He always supported everyone and helped us stay on track. He never hesitated to share his knowledge and expertise. I have no doubt with his personality and attitude he will succeed in any position he leads. He has excellent communication skills and is a people’s person. He values friendships so much and manages to stay in touch.
Ed Henderson
Ed HendersonDistrict Sales Manager
Read More
Jeff is the type of person that you meet and will change your life. I had the pleasure of being recruited and trained by Jeff while he was a Reserve District Manager for Farmers Insurance Group. Jeff takes a genuine interest in his recruits and stops at nothing to see that they succeed. His tireless efforts show in the financial rewards of the people he serves. His passion for serving others coupled with the marketing, sales and recruiting skills are the ingredients for success. Keep making dreams come true.
Cyndi Alvarez, MCNE, GRI, SRS, SRES, TAHS
Cyndi Alvarez, MCNE, GRI, SRS, SRES, TAHSRealtor
Read More
Jeff has excellent communication and motivational skills. His problem solving abilities reach a rarely achieved level.
Rich Winters
Rich WintersAgent at Farmers Insurance
Read More
Not only have I used Jeff's materials but in calling and talking with Jeff personally I've found him to be as sincere as he is knowledgeable. I'm certain his training at EMyth and new status as President of Ivy Consulting Group will produce even greater results! Rich Winters, Former District Manager, Agent
Randall Patterson
Randall PattersonAgency Owner at Sergeant Fifty Five Insurance
Read More
Jeff wrote the book on how to be an insurance agent. I called and spoke with him in person and he was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to get in the insurance business.
Caleb Page
Caleb PageCEO
Read More
Jeff knows what he's doing. His counsel is insightful and experienced - every one of my interactions with Jeff leaves me better for the time spent with him. If you're looking for expertise on how to dramatically improve a complex sales organization, Jeff is the right place to start.
Patti Acton
Patti ActonAgent at Farmers Insurance
Read More
Jeff is a leader in his field and has inspired me to reach out and try new and rewarding systems to build my agency. He has the personality and leadership to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people. Many thanks to Jeff for his encouragement and support to me even though I am not a part of his team and live miles away. That is just the kind of leader and person he is!!!!
Jeff Foxhoven
Jeff FoxhovenRegional Account Manager
Read More
Jeff Hastings is definitely a person you need to know. He's a model for success and is an inspiration to some of the most successful Farmers agents in Texas. He's also been a positive influence on our company often sharing his experiences and offering sales and marketing strategies. Whether he’s your customer, your business partner, or even a mentor, Jeff is absolutely someone you want in your circle of influence.
Kat Edmonds
Kat EdmondsHumans Helping Humas
Read More
Paul is truly one of a kind. He cares so deeply about his impact on others and positively influences all that cross his path. The phrase "leave the world better than you found it" comes to mind when I think of Paul. If you have the pleasure to work with him, he will go to bat for you, no questions! Not to mention he will make you laugh along the way!