Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Organizations must grasp the importance of understanding why a culture of belonging is essential, especially when it comes to DEI&B training. Is the purpose simply to fulfill a requirement or is it to empower employees to achieve key business objectives? There’s no definitive answer; it ultimately hinges on the organization’s underlying drive for implementing DEI&B training. Since every organization is unique, comprehending the “why” behind its DEI&B journey offers valuable insights into the most suitable training approach and timing.

When you hire Ivy Consulting Group, you get a committed and knowledgeable partner focused on improving workplace performance, enhancing business success, and cultivating a supportive and inclusive community across the globe.

We guide quality control systems that help individuals, teams, managers, and organizational leaders think deeply and talk about bias, empathy, and justice because we believe that bringing our full humanity into the places we spend much of our lives is the bridge between archaic, dysfunctional habits and enlightened and transformative working environments for all.

Drive DEI&B with Ivy Consulting Group

Ivy Consultants help organizations with DE&I initiatives in many ways, including 1) conducting workplace assessments, 2) infrastructure rebuilding, 3) policy development,  4) curriculum development, and 5) quality control. 

Explore strategies to advance your diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives and foster greater equity throughout the talent lifecycle. Discover effective ways to achieve your DEI&B goals, drive corporate profitability, and create more equitable outcomes for all.

Reduce hiring bias

Reduce bias by concealing candidate names and images during the sourcing phase, enhance the gender diversity within talent pools in your searches, and implement measures to create a fairer environment through a skills-based hiring approach.

Attract and retain top talent

Utilize real-time insights to attract top talent, while simultaneously promoting diversity and inclusivity through focused initiatives. This strategic approach not only informs hiring goals but also helps make a compelling business case for fostering a diverse workforce. Additionally, it enables the identification and comparison of talent pools, ensuring a balanced and inclusive recruitment process.

Build a culture of inclusion

Foster a culture of inclusion by offering employees valuable learning opportunities through ICG Learning courses and coaching. These resources will empower individuals to cultivate a sense of belonging within the organization. But learning about DEI&B is only a start!

Culture is not just an intangible concept, but a powerful force that can greatly enhance the outcomes that are of utmost importance to you. When effectively utilized, culture can become a significant factor in setting your organization apart from others. With ICG’s Culture Assessment Tool, you can accurately capture the very essence of why your company exists and leverage it to boost performance, engagement, brand awareness, and much more. By recognizing and harnessing the power of culture as a powerful differentiator, you can truly elevate your organization to new heights.