Why I/O Professionals join ICG

While every member may have their own reasons for joining, most would agree that belonging to a community with a common purpose of building a successful practice is a primary motivation.

Ivy Consulting Group (ICG) was created to help professionals in the I/O community (Industrial-Organizational psychologists, practitioners, researchers, HR, recruiting, and coaching), share ideas, best practices, and tools to help one another succeed – something which is not specifically addressed in affiliated member organizations nor taught in school. ICG members are professionals who want an active platform with virtual meetings, real-time chats, discussion boards, and the ability to consult with and ask questions to other professionals at no charge Most ICG members participate in virtual and in-person ICG-sponsored events and often communicate with peers on a daily basis. The ICG platform makes active participation and sharing of best practices easy. And with ICG’s proprietary business tools, built-in consultant branding, and tons of support, membership becomes a profitable investment.

ICG Benefits

For Industrial-Organizational psychology practitioners forging new grounds in occupational settings, with a critical eye for emerging research-driven practices, from niche consultancies to in-house corporate HR strategic partners and recruiters, ICG offers customized tool kits designed to improve client success, thereby securing our consultants’ successes.

A few of these benefits include:

• Professionally branded webpage, email, and client communications

• Proven business and marketing systems

• Lead generation services

• Active Community of professionals who share best practices, career advice, and collegial companionship

• An online job board specifically designed to connect I/O professionals with business owners who are looking for assistance

• ICG sponsored web meetings and training sessions with experts in the field

• ICG university for certification, training, and business development

• A forum to create and sell online courses to the group members

• Ongoing opportunities to join research teams or publish research findings

• Participation in the ICG annual conference

Our members tell the story:

Apply and start building or redesigning your
successful consulting practice TODAY!

Which Membership is Right for You?


Ivy Business Coach

Use Your Own Branding or Ours
$ 79
  • All BASIC Plus:
  • Be Part of the Ivy Community
  • Participate in Group Discussion
  • Extended Online Learning
  • Email Marketing System
  • Lead Dashboard
  • Client Billing System
  • Affiliate Code
  • Member Profile Page
  • Consultant Locator Page
  • IvyConsultingGroup.org Email

Certified Ivy Consultant

Turn-Key Coaching System
$ 149
  • All Business Coach Plus:
  • Live Weekly Training
  • Ivy Coaching System
  • Culture Assessment Tool
  • Business Builder Course
    (integrates with client account)
  • Lead Assignment
  • Work on Team Consulting Projects
  • Client Management System
  • Google Workspace and Email

  • $1,500 Training Fee
  • A complete coaching system
    with lead development and branding.


FREE Limited Access
$ 0
  • Earn Referral Commissions
  • Free Lesson Plans
  • Job Board
  • Participate in Research
  • Invitation to Annual Conference

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    Upgrade Anytime

Basic Member

Social and Doc Share
$ 20
  • SIOP Members:
    Use Discount Code: SIOP2023
    75% off Annual Plan!
  • All Associate Plus:
  • Retain Your Own Branding
  • Core Lesson Plans
  • Community Forum
  • Document Share
  • Online Learning
  • Opportunity to Sell Courses
  • Access to Video Library
  • Discounted Products

  • Also great for researchers and HR Professionals!

Membership Requirements

Our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

We’re excited to have you experience our products and offerings at Ivy Consulting Group. Even though many of our products and services are completely free of charge to use, and if you are not completely satisfied, simply reach out within 14-day’s of activation (giving you 6-weeks to check us out), and we will be happy to refund 100% of your membership costs.  No questions asked.  


Jeff Hastings
Founder and CEO

All pricing is in USD. Cancel at any time.