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The biggest problems facing employers today cannot be fixed with tax credits and stimulus packages...

Let’s face it, owning a business is hard work. And if you ask business owners what their most difficult and frustrating problem would be, 95% would admit it’s managing people. Unfortunately, the answer is the same when you ask about the most important part of any business owners day.

Failure to effectively recruit, train, and motivate the right people and place them in the right job is believed to be the #1 reason 85% of small business owners fail within the first 5-years of startup. (Ivy Consulting Group, 2022).

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our Approach

Recommended Small Business Development Process


Like Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, we like to refer to this stage as Business Actualization. Achieving this level of success means your business has been built in a way that adds to your life and provides the income, flexibility, and freedom to live the life you've always wanted. This is the goal of most business leaders we encounter and will be the primary focus your consulting team will take every step of the way!


In Stage IV, you and your consultant will review Position Agreements, help you communicate business strategy, focus on team building strategies, and turn your most frustrating problems into profitable solutions. In rare cases, existing employees are excited and eager to implement change. However in most, change comes with resistance and opposition. In these situations, it takes a high-level of skill and understanding of psychological principles of motivation to understand which approach to change management is best. This is where Certified Ivy Consultants shine and stand out from the rest.


The key to any successful model relies on the company's ability to recruit the right people, place them in the right position, and assign them to the right team. The recruitment process and assessment tool is the most difficult, time-consuming, and important processes you and your consultant will endure. However, when you do it right, your business and team performance will achieve levels that many may never have thought possible.


After we understand your unique needs and desires for growth, we set our course of action to help implement the specific programs you have selected. The point is, while your consultant may suggest alternative paths, you are in control at all times.


When you hire an Ivy Consultant or team of consultants, they will work with you to first understand your business, where it is at, and where you want it to be.

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The Consultant Toolkit

• Balance
• Wellbeing
• Position Agreements
• Team Building • Training
• Frustrations into Solutions
• Employee Assessments & Selection
• Systems Development • Proc Guides
• Goal Setting • High-Performance Culture
• The Four Levels of Business • Creating Your Org Chart
• Identifying Your Target Market • Brand Strategy
• Product Differentiation • Taking Resp for Success
• Discovery • Free Business Assessment • The ICG philosophy
• Introduction to the Process • Culture Profile • Implementation Strategy

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