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Nita PatelNita Patel

The past few years have brought their fair share of global and personal challenges; we all need healing from that. And what better way to do that than with art? Color therapy (chromotherapy) is an effective tool for uplifting moods. The healthcare administration industry has recently recognized this, so you may notice that what used to be muted florals in healthcare environments are now being replaced with deep, colorful paintings to help patients feel uplifted, which allows them to heal faster.

We’re accustomed to the workplace’s gray or beige cubicle walls, not considering how it impacts our emotions. Colorful art in the workplace is just as influential as in a hospital facility, benefiting the employer and the employee. Leveraging the concept of chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, can help the employees feel uplifted, elevating their moods, allowing them to perform at a higher capacity, enhancing their sense of purpose, and feeling connected to their work. The list goes on when we focus on uplifting the employee’s mood. Not only that, it also impacts how they feel in their personal life, creating a domino effect impacting their families, communities, and the world.

Blues provide a sense of calmness and security, curing depression, while reds invigorate action and energize. Greens ease stress, particularly the kind that stays close to our hearts and allows us to breathe with ease. Yellow enhances mood and is often used in well-architected memory care facilities where Alzheimer’s and dementia are prominent conditions in residents.

Every color has a purpose in how it makes you feel. Color therapy has been used in eastern cultures for centuries and is most recently acknowledged in the healthcare industry. In addition to art providing support to patients, it also impacts their caretakers and healthcare staff members who are exposed to this environment daily.
Strategically leveraging art placement in the workplace is just the beginning of how we can uplift the people we surround ourselves with daily.

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