Welcome Course for Affiliates and Vendors

This course is designed to be a procedure guide to help affiliates, advertisers, and vendors support our members and sell products in a professional manner.

Module 1 Welcome to Ivy Consulting Group
Lesson 1 Welcome to Ivy Consulting Group  
Lesson 2 Who We Are  
Lesson 3 Our Mission and Values  
Lesson 4 Why We Created This Member Network  
Lesson 5 Disrupting the Market and Setting New Standards  
Lesson 6 Thank You  
Module 2 Why Employers and I/O Professionals Join ICG
Lesson 1 Module II  
Lesson 2 Why I/O Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches Join ICG  
Lesson 3 ICG Benefits and Core Services  
Lesson 4 Why Business Owners (Employers) Join ICG  
Lesson 5 The ICG Culture Assessment and the Consultant Toolbox  
Module 3 The Affiliate and Vendor Program
Lesson 1 Module III  
Lesson 2 How to Earn Money as an Affiliate  
Lesson 3 The Vendor Program  
Lesson 4 How We Promote Your Services  
Module 4 The 10-Dynamics
Lesson 1 Module IV  
Lesson 2 The 10-Dynamics of Ivy Consulting Group  
Lesson 3 I. Leadership & Self-Awareness  
Lesson 4 II. Market Research & Branding  
Lesson 5 III. Strategic Planning & Implementation  
Lesson 6 IV. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion  
Lesson 7 V. Employee Assessments & Selection  
Lesson 8 VI. Motivation & Engagement  
Lesson 9 VII. Staff Development & Team Building  
Lesson 10 VIII. Performance & Culture  
Lesson 11 IX. Training & Coaching  
Lesson 12 X. Balance & Wellbeing  
Module 5 Forums: Our Member Community
Lesson 1 Module V  
Lesson 2 Forums and Our Member Community  
Lesson 3 Our WhatsApp Member Groups  
Module 6 The ICG Job Board
Lesson 1 Module VI  
Lesson 2 The ICG Job Board  
Lesson 3 Resume Submission  
Lesson 4 Region  
Lesson 5 Resume Category - Job Industry Classification  
Lesson 6 Candidate Skills  
Lesson 7 Language  
Module 7 How to Set Up a Vendor Account
Lesson 1 Module VII  
Lesson 2 The ICG Consultant Dashboard  
Lesson 3 Your Member Profile Page  
Lesson 4 Upgrading to a Consultant Account  
Lesson 5 Google Campaigns: The Reason Why You Should Create an Online Resume  
Module 8 How to Upgrade to a BASIC Plan
Lesson 1 Convert to a BASIC MEMBERSHIP