Get Squared


Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride! This course is a quick, easy, and powerful read that will ignite action to generate stunning results. Get Squared takes you back to the basics to get solid in what you do best. You will discover the right actions and how to do them for the right results. You will walk away with the tools to set your priorities and align with what matters most.

The Get Squared process is a simple, step-by-step formula to generate the best plan and greatest outcome in your business and your life.

This simple process delivers big results.

I have never been a fan of this four-letter word:


I never liked the old-fashioned way of setting goals with an attached objective and desired outcome. Goal setting was an exercise, not an experience. The Get Squared process is a full-immersion experience.

The concept is fundamental and straightforward.

Paul’s tools help you solidify what you want to accomplish, and then implement it. Have you ever taken the sloppy way out by creating a goal with no plans or backup and then found yourself  hopefully short of success? This book will take you from the locker room whiteboard into the end-zone, where you’ll celebrate your accomplishments.

My favorite is the “Time Management” section, which is a challenge for most. Most of us are managed by time and not the other way around. Paul offers simple methods to organize your activities, tasks, and mentality for daily productivity. I love his “rise-and-shine” concept. Many of us let our day sweep us away, and Paul skillfully puts a stop to that bad habit.

As a professional speaker and event host, I meet a ton of people. I first met Paul in 2019, and we had an instant connection, as if we had known each other since grade school. We are both competitive and driven, inspired, and passionate about helping people perform at their best. In these pages, Paul’s commitment to excellence and his desire to leave the world in a better place are forefront. He will inspire you to be a better person and a more intentional human being. Paul’s drive and dedication to the success of others is admirable. He fully understands the desire
we each have to fulfill our life’s mission; he supports that in everything he does, in and out of business.

Dive into this course and do exactly what Paul lays out. The Get Squared process is not your everyday goal-setting activity. It has a twist that engages the mind and puts the body into action. Your golden realization will be the importance of attention to and focus on all areas of your life. Balance is the key, and this book will guide you and keep you on track and focused on what is critical for your well-being. You need all four wheels to have a smooth ride. Paul reveals the purpose of each wheel and provides the air tank to keep them inflated.

I know that Paul has used, reused, and refined his tools over the past ten years, and this exact process has brought him exponential success in his coaching, sales, and sales management career. I have watched him in action, and it is delightful to behold.

Paul incorporates these principles into his coaching and training business. His dream is for you to apply these processes to ignite your passion and energy. Trust me, Paul can get your energy flowing, and he won’t leave you behind. Implement his tools immediately to stay fully determined and organized.

This course is direct and to the point. Paul’s knowledge and insight, as well as his candid and
straightforward approach, will make you know you, too, can succeed. Follow these principles and take them to heart, and you will experience exponential transformation in your business and in your personal life.

Jane M Powers
Speaker, Sales Trainer, and Best-Selling Author of
Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority


Module 1 Chapter 1
Lesson 1 What’s in a Shape?  
Lesson 2 Your New Life  
Module 2 Chapter 2
Lesson 1 Our Need to Succeed  
Module 3 Chapter 3
Lesson 1 That 4-Letter Word  
Module 4 Chapter 4
Lesson 1 The Goal Square  
Lesson 2 Annie’s Story  
Module 5 Chapter 5
Lesson 1 Activity Planning  
Lesson 2 Miranda’s Story  
Module 6 Chapter 6
Lesson 1 Time and Productivity  
Lesson 2 Wyatt’s Story  
Module 7 Chapter 7
Lesson 1 Condense and Organize  
Module 8 Chapter 8
Lesson 1 “D” Is Not for “Discipline”  
Module 9 Chapter 9
Lesson 1 Leadership and Getting Squared  
Lesson 2 Brandon’s Story  
Module 10 Chapter 10
Lesson 1 You CAN and You WILL  
Module 11 About the Author
Lesson 1 About the Author  
Module 12 Work with Paul
Lesson 1 Work with Paul