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“T” individuals are known for their compliance and analytical nature. They prioritize careful and logical thinking, always striving for accuracy. They have high standards and prefer systematic approaches when solving problems. While they excel in finding solutions, they often disregard the emotions of others and can be overly critical and irritable. Expressing their own feelings is challenging. However, when focused on clear boundaries and not overwhelmed by details, they become valuable team members who offer calculated reality checks. Criticism is their biggest fear, and their pursuit of perfection can be a weakness. They tend to yield during arguments. Nevertheless, their thoroughness and conscientiousness bring stability and even-temperedness to any team. Above all, they value being right.


“E” individuals are known for their steady and reserved nature. They prefer stability and predictability, making them resistant to change and thrive in secure, non-threatening environments. Additionally, they possess qualities such as friendliness, understanding, active listening, and loyalty, making them excellent companions and dedicated workers who excel in consistent roles. Their exceptional ability to forgive contributes to their reliability and dependability, making them ideal friends. However, their primary fear revolves around losing security, and their weaknesses include difficulty adjusting to change and being overly sensitive to criticism. To prevent being taken advantage of, “E” individuals must strengthen themselves and learn to assertively say “no.” While they typically avoid the spotlight, they eagerly step up to help others when presented with genuine opportunities. They find immense value in truly aiding someone in need.


A’s are both inspiring and impressive individuals. They possess qualities such as enthusiasm, optimism, impulsiveness, and emotional depth. These characteristics enable them to excel as creative problem solvers and exceptional motivators. A’s tend to have a wide circle of friends, but their desire for approval and popularity sometimes overshadows their focus on achieving tangible results. Their fear of rejection is their greatest obstacle, yet they thrive in their ability to inspire others. With their positive sense of humor, A’s adeptly navigate conflicts. While they may occasionally overlook details and struggle with listening, they excel as peacemakers and valuable team members when they prioritize controlling their emotions and minimizing their need for attention. A’s greatly value human connection and physical touch.


“M” individuals are known for their directness and decisiveness. They embrace risks and actively seek solutions to problems. Their focus lies in achieving goals and winning rather than seeking approval from others. While their strong internal drive may make them less sensitive towards those around them, “M” individuals fearlessly challenge the status quo and thrive in the realm of innovation. They require discipline to excel and respond well to direct confrontation. Their greatest fear is being exploited, and despite their potential weaknesses such as a dislike for routine, a tendency to overstep authority, an argumentative nature, and a tendency to take on too much, they highly value time and employ their innovative thinking to accomplish difficult tasks and overcome challenges.

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