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Helpful Hints:

Follow these tips to maximize your use of the G2 – Get Squared System.

  1. Start the day off right. Before you start each day, review and update your daily task list by prioritizing each item. Make certain to sort your tasks by clicking on the first column which is titled “Complete.” This ensures that tasks are properly sorted first by Relevance and then by Goal Date.
  2. Don’t get distracted. Keep these tasks open throughout the day and stay focused on completing Priority items.
  3. Keep your team engaged. Add members of your team and assign tasks using the Assign to User feature (available to paid users).
  4. Update your list. Before leaving for the day, add new and unfinished items to your task list.
  5. Sleep better. Using this system as it has been designed will allow you to sleep better. You will no longer worry about things that need to be completed while you try to fall asleep.

Your Completed SMART GOALS

Approval StatusClient or ProjectSMART GOALGoal Date
Approval StatusClient or ProjectSMART GOALGoal Date